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It is also as close to the upstream Arch Linux ARM as possible, so much so that I intend to continue using the master repository for all package updates with a small [minepeon] section at the end of /etc/pacman.conf.  The goal is you should be able to run an update with ‘pacman -Syu’ at any time for a full update (try it, it works now and will update everything except for the MinePeon specific code, and I hope to include that soon).

The entire distribution will easily fit onto a 2 GB SD card, with a bit of work it would probably squeeze onto a 1 GB card but at the moment it is using a 4GB or better card so I can keep some development stuff on board, you can access this development area if you want to by mounting it with ‘mount /dev/mmcblk0p3 /mnt/’, at the moment it contains a development snapshot of cgminer that I compile on board and a few notes.

I have included a basic apache / php / cgminer api set-up, if you go to http://ip.of.your.peon/ you will see the api-example.php and miner.php directly from the cgminer git source configured and working if you have a miner running.  I will be using the api and web-server to collect stats and create graphs shortly.

There is a complete development environment with compiler included, feel free to hack around and do whatever you want with it.

I am also open to suggestions, you tell me what you want (or put a bounty on it) and I will see what I can do to build it into the main line distribution.

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Like any free open source project donations are what makes it tick.

MinePeon is fortunate in that you can contribute in a variety of ways including donation some of your hash power.  While it is not compulsory you can donate 15 minutes a day (or more) of your harsh rate directly from the MinePeon settings page to help MinePeon grow and improve.

For the curious, below is a graph of what is being donated to MinePeon.


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