Bitcoin makes it into space.

nasa_logoOne of the things I like to do is keep the MineForeman’s live overview in Google Analytics’s open so I can get a feeling about what is going on, what stories are popular and where my readers are from.

As I was doing some work on minepeon I happened to glance up and see something out of the norm, it appeared that the main site was being accessed from the computers aboard the International Space Station!

I have included below a few screen shots from the activity to record the event for posterity.

I wonder if they have a full bitcoin client up there along with a copy of the block chain.  First a picture of the live map;-

IISmapFinally, a screen dump of what pages they are reading;-


Neil Fincham, the MineForeman has over 20 years experience in the computer industry and runs the MineForeman mining operation for the co-op members. He is also very dyslexic, so he appreciates anyone pointing out spelling errors.

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5 comments on “Bitcoin makes it into space.
  1. yafujifide says:

    High energy bitcoins come from outerspace. Most bitcoins are shielded by the atmosphere of Earth, but people on the ISS are not shielded as much by the atmosphere, so they receive more bitcoins.

  2. Yeah what was up with that? There was a similar 40 people from the international space station on’s google analysis today.. I was thinking April Fools?

  3. Levon says:

    You got me!


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