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For those of you that weren't aware a few months ago a hacker alleged that he had managed to "retrieve"  then-presidential candidate Romney's tax returns and unless \$1,000,000 USD worth of bitcoin's were transferred to the bitcoin address 1HeF89wMjC[shortened] he would release them to the press.

He/She went on to say that if other interested parties wanted the tax returns released they could transfer the same amount to address 12AP6iCw[shortened].

Nothing much happened, no release of the tax returns, no \$1 million dollar payment just a lot of speculation and rumors. I had thought it totally went away like so many other Internet stories.

Well, apparently something did happen,  a Tennessee man called Michael Brown (along with his family) was woken at 6:10 AM September 14th and issued with a search warrant.  The Secret Service then proceed to seize computers and electronic devices used to run his small local ISP operation.

While no charges have been laid yet on his site he describes how it has left him with no way to make a living for him and his family.


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