Reddit LogoAs the bitcoin Reddit users will tell us, Reddit has taken the plunge into the bitcoin world with its new feature, the bitcointip bot.

After last months post from Reddit CEO Yishan Wong saying that "So - no promises, but we're looking into it.".  The expectation was that if anything was going to happen it would be months away, but no, it seems someone has had something cooking all along.

I wont go into the specifics of how to use the bitcointip bot, it is already well documented.  I will say that this seems to be large step forward for the general acceptance of bitcoin.  According to Alexa who track global internet traffic, Reddit is the 131st most visited website in the world and 66th in the US.

The idea is that you can use bitcointip bot to reward Reddit authors for comments and posts you particularly enjoy.  While I cannot see anyone actually earning a living out of this (I have been wrong before though) it seems a nice way to give people the thumbs up.

As for me, I probably wont be using it with my MineForeman Reddit account, to me it would seem that I am buying responses to my own posts but I have already put a few BTC into my personal Reddit account for use in other, non bitcoin related parts of Reddit.

Clarification: The bitcointip bot is not something made by Reddit itself, it was made by the redditor NerdfighterSean.  Sorry for the confusion.


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