ButterflyLabs LogoIn a not totally unexpected move Butterfly Labs have pushed back the delivery date of their next generation ASIC bitcoin mining products. In a statement on the Butterfly Labs Forums dated the 10th of December BFL_Josh writes “After talking with our liaison tonight and still having not received a final confirmation date, we were as tired of this as everyone else is, so we continued to push for a date and they gave us 30 days from today”.

While he also says in the same statement “it may very well be that things will wrap up sooner than that” with receiving, repacking and outward shipping it seems that the 9th of January is going to be the very earliest anyone is going to have an ASIC device on their desk.

With many miners still running their GPU’s at a loss either as some sort speculative measure or an altruistic attempt to stave off anyone mounting a 51% attack it seems that ASIC’s cannot come soon enough.

This announcement brings Butterfly Labs delivery date in line with its ASIC competition, Avalon and BTCFPGA, who are both reported to be on target for shipping sometime in the first quarter of 2013.


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