BTCFPGALogoIn an update on BTCFPGA's support forum cablepair, forum administrator and BTCFPGA representative warns that Chinese New Year may cause issued affecting the shipment date of their new line of bASIC mining devices.

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival is the largest of the traditional Chinese Holidays and starts on the first day of the first month of the Chinese Calender and lasts for 15 days, this year it starts on February 10th and ends on the 25th.

In the post cablepair goes on to explain that they are on the final stretch, their PCB layout is complete and about to head into fabrication (an 8 day process) but he is unsure as of yet how the Chinese New Year will change ASIC packaging and shipment date.

In an extra bit of news from the update cablepair writes;-

One other edge we can offer is our hosting plan - this will allow overseas customers to begin enjoying mining profits the same time as domestic miners, it will also give you the advantage of paying a small monthly fee instead of paying outrageous electrical usage bills.

There is very little information on this hosting plan, at the moment there is no mention if it is a temporary measure or something more permanent or even how much it will cost.  With the bitcoin difficulty set to rise as the first bitcoin ASIC mining devices this may be a very attractive option for early profits for many bitcoin miners.


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