BTCFPGA LogoIn a second announcement in a week BTCFPGA have updated their website, and apparently "Our relationship with our PCB Fab and Packagers has gauranteed us completed ASIC wafers with complete pckages - ready to be assmebled on PCB and shipped out in March 2013 at the very latest.[sic]"

They have also provided additional specifications for both of their bASIC devices, updating the number of cores in the 36 GH/s unit from 6 to 8 and the cores in the 72 GH/s unit from 12 to 16 meaning that each core is capable of 4.5 GH/s.

Power draw have also been released for both units, at 51.3 watts for the 36 GH/s unit and 99.3 watts for the 72 GH/s unit it works out at approximately 1.4 watts per GH/s.  While that cannot match Butterfly Labs claim of 1 watt per GH/s it is still a vast improvement on FPGA and GPU bitcoin miners, especially since they are using 90nm technology.

                  **Price**   **Tech Specs**                                                   **Electrical Usuage**

36 GH/s bASIC \$599.99 8 x 90nm ASIC SHA-256 Bitcoin hashing cores packaged in BG480 51.3 watts 72 GH/s bASIC \$1069.99 16 x 90nm ASIC SHA-256 Bitcoin hashing cores packaged in BG480 99.3 watts 

The website goes on to say "ALL ORDERS WILL SHIP IN MARCH 2013 GAURANTEED" but with both Avalon and Butterfly Labs both promising shipment in January only time will tell if it will be too late.  There is also no mention of what will happen if they fail to meet the guaranteed date.


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