ButterflyLabs LogoFor those of you that don't mine or are non-technical in nature this wont mean much but in an announcement by BFL_Josh on their forum it seems that Butterfly Labs have worked on something in the background that will be of great interest to miners;-

"Today at CES 2013, Butterfly Labs has unveiled a native Android bitcoin mining platform based around BFGMiner.

Our Android mining platform will be available for free in the Google Play store upon it's release. Initially developed to control our Minirig SC platform, we expanded the scope of the project to handle regular mining tasks with any USB based mining device that is normally compatible with CGminer or BFGMiner. While it does require a rooted device, it should function on any Jelly Bean powered Android device (likely ICS as well, but it is untested). We will be releasing source code to the Android version of BFGminer upon release of the platform to the public.

Currently, we are in a late alpha/early beta phase of the application, with mining functionality complete, but UI functionality and multiple device functionality still in the works (By multiple device functionality I mean the ability to access non-local mining resources for statistical gathering/updating. E.g. Access to / control of other minirigs or other BFG/CGMiner instances elsewhere on your network or even over the internet). By releasing this through the Google Play store free of charge, we will be able to push updates easily and quickly to everyone that desires them.

More details and screen shots to come as time allows."

There are a few people (including myself) already working on similar systems using the 3 watt Raspberry Pi's micro computer development board but a vendor supported device will undoubtedly gain a good amount of support from miners.

This will enable Butterfly Labs devices to be run without a full computer saving an extra 200 watts and therefore saving on miners bottom line.

BFL_Josh later goes on to post "All Minirig SC's come with a free Google Nexus 7 tablet, BTW."


Video interview by David Perry


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