BTCFPGA LogoAfter a somewhat illegible post last night about the new delivery date of the bASIC line of bitcoin mining devices Tom admits that he was upset about the new March shipping date and had been drinking, he has now amended his post and goes on to say "I am not the right man for this job".

As a consequence Tom has announced that he will be selling his shares to an Asian company who have most of the equipment to produce the bASIC devices in house.  The new owners are 100% confidant that they can deliver within the new delivery time frame of March.

Tom appears truly apologetic for any mistakes made and goes on to say "if you are not interested in doing business with this company please feel free to fill out a refund request and we will refund your money is full."

Tom will be returning to his web hosting and computer repair business.

On a more personal note I would like to wish Tom all the best when I first got into bitcoin Tom had just shipped his FPGA line of products so he has been a constant feature in the bitcoin world for me up until now.  Don't be a stranger Tom.


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