ASIC Miner PCBWith the news of Avalon ASIC bitcoin mining devices are finally being delivered and evidence already being seen in the bitcoin difficulty it would be easy to forget that there are other bitcoin ASIC companies that are very close to delivering their own ASIC bitcoin devices.

One of the more interesting of these companies is ASICMiner who instead of selling their products to the public have sold shares in their future production capabilities on the now defunct GLBSE securities exchange.

While there currently is no way to buy ASICMiner shares, the initial float of the shares was successful enough that they were able to continue development of their ASIC miners and according to ASICMiner representative Friedcat they are close to completion.

In his latest post on BitcoinTalk  Friedcat has posted an image of their pre production, fully assembles quality control bitcoin ASIC board pictured on the right.  In his post Friedcat goes on to say;-

The board on the upper-left is the power supply module. The upper-right one is the back side of the hashing board with VM connectors and heatsinks attached on. The bottom-left one is the front side of the hashing board without DIP components or heatsinks. The bottom-right one is the tester for QC, and it will be replaced by the controller board in real use.Friedcat

There are 800 of these boards to be delivered to ASICMiner some time in early February for assembly according to the post, and while we still do not know what GH/s these boards will be rated for it is certain that the difficulty increase will be noticeable.


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