BTCFPGA LogoAfter the recent announcement on the BTCFPGA site that the production of their new ASIC mining devices were to be taken over by CAN ELECTRIC I thought I would investigate further.

Apart from the story being a very strange one that I had posted about, I had a vested interest.  I run a bitcoin mining co-operative and it is my job (due diligence even) to keep myself informed so that I can properly advise the co-op members.

CanElectric]({filename}/images/2013/02/BTCFPGA-CANELECTRIC.png)I decided that I will send them an email to find out more, so I went to the contact area at the website, only to be faced with an contact form (pictured right).  On a personal note, I dislike  contact forums.  They have their place, but that place is on a page that includes email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses.  The contact form should just be there for the convenience of the visitor.

I decided that I wanted to do a bit better than some anonymous contact box so I entered can electric into Google and very promptly found their main contact page including an email address.

CanElectricJust to be sure though I compared the physical address included on both contact pages to make sure they were the same,  they were indeed in the same country, city, block, building and even office number (again, pictured to the right).

Even the phone number was similar, one ending in a 5 and the other a 6.

Having confirmed I had the right place to my satisfaction I set about starting up an email conversation in order to find as much info as I possibly could, so last Saturday I sent;-


I represent a small Mining operation in New Zealand and I have a few questions about the products you are offering on the website under your can-electric name.

The first is, what is your planned ship date?  I have orders from a few other ASIC companies but they are not shipping yet.

Second, is US shipping the only option, you are based in Canada and shipping to New Zealand from their is a lot quicker.

Thanks for your time,

Looking forward to your response.Neil Fincham --

Today I got a response, a response that I was somewhat expecting;-

Hi Dear

this is fraud and we as can Electric have nothing to do with this website and their product and we don't know who is doing this fraud


AriAri -- [email protected]

If you would like a copy of the email headers they are available here, I have checked it out, and apart from a few soft SPF errors it appears legitimate.


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