butterfly-labsIf you have orders at Butterfly Labs you can now check on it's status using their new on-line ordering system.

As forum regular Lab_Rat points out in a post though, it is still in the process of being implemented so don't flip out if your order has not been loaded yet.

To check your order go to the products sub domain of the Butterfly Labs website, http://products.butterflylabs.com/ and click on the Log In link at the very top right of the page.  Once the login page is loaded you will see the traditional email address and password input boxes for your account.

Don't worry, if you don't remember your password, you have not set one yet, no one has but you can quite easily use the forgotten password link under the login box to get the new system to email you a password reset link.

Be warned though, it is obviously not finished and I can spot an order I made that is not there yet so don't panic, we may have to wait for a bit longer for all orders to show up.

 UPDATE: Looks like they removed the links and re-directed everything back to their products page.


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