MinePeonLogoIt's that time again, and I have to say, this is a monster of a release.  I would especially like to thank the crew on the MinePeon Forums for going through the Pre Releases with me and testing and of the various changes and improvements.

No need to read all this, just go over and grab yourself a copy now.

New Build System

The underlying system in MinePeon has gone through and entire rebuild focusing on stability and performance, just about every file has gone under scrutiny to make sure that you will be getting the most out of your miners.

As an almost by-product of the process a new build system has been written that will enable MinePeon to be ported to other architectures and devices so expect to see cubeboard and BeagleBone Black ports soon.

Miner Configuration


One of the most often asked questions supporting MinePeon is how to change miners and add parameters.

Miner configuration is all done from the WebUI now, you can change miners, add and remove parameters, add delays and generally get MinePeon to do anything you want when it starts up the miner process.

Device Support

The mining industry has seen a lot of new devices hit the market recently (or shortly about to), the guys at both cgminer and bfgminer have been hard at work supporting them.-

Compiled into cgminer 3.6.3 there is support for the drivers for;-

Avalon.ASIC, BFL.ASICs, BitForce.FPGAs, BitFury.ASICs, Icarus.FPGAs, Klondike.ASIC, ModMiner.FPGAs

Bfgminer 3.3.0 comes with the following drivers loaded;-

avalon, bfsb, bigpic, bitforce, bitfury_gpio, cairnsmore, erupter, icarus, littlefury, modminer, proxy, proxy:getwork, proxy:stratum, x6500, ztex


So that developers can easily extend MinePeon a plugin system has been developed.  So far tehere are only two plugings;-

MinePeon Plugin: MobileMinerApp by forum regular tk1337.

MinePeon Plugin: PiMiner where I have adapted the PiMiner code for Adafruit RGB Negative 16x2 LCD+Keypad Kit.

More plugins are already in the works.



Backup has over gone an overhaul and now you can backup all your settings and statistics with one click and then restore them just as easily.


Now that this release is out I am going to start to focus on extending your MinePeon out onto the internet.  My intention is to create a site where you can manage and maintain your miners from wherever you are.  This all requires time and effort so bear with me.

Unfortunately the new features will cost actual currency by my intention is to keep everything free as possible, but this all depends on your donations so keep them coming in.


P.S. For the curious, below is a graph of what is being donated right now.


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