CoinTerraIt seems that all is not well at CoinTerra.

After last weeks announcement that they were shipping things were looking up for CoinTerra, it seemed that they had managed to squeeze into their revised January 2014 release schedule for their ASIC bitcoin miners.  However, if you go check their site now you will find a most unwelcome message;-


The full text on the site (recorded for posterity) reads;-

CoinTerra Announcement
We are currently investigating a malicious attack on our email servers and website this weekend which has resulted in a security breach. We have taken the site down temporarily while we investigate the situation and will bring it back up again as soon as possible. In the meantime, any customers who have placed orders in the past seven business days and have not yet made payment should not make payment via Bitcoin. We would like to make it clear that CoinTerra has a strict policy never to offer to move customers forward into an earlier batch, or to offer discounts or free shipping in return for quick payment. If you have placed an order and paid via Bitcoin since January 31st and have been contacted via email by any person purporting to be a CoinTerra representative offering to discount your order or to move you into an earlier batch, or to sell you a cancelled order from an earlier batch in exchange for quick payment please contact us immediately at [email protected] so that we may investigate it. Please note that this situation will not affect the shipping of units to early customers from our first batches, which is currently in progress. We will post an update with further information as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your patience. Team CoinTerra. - Recorded 1:00 PM 3rd of January 2014 NZST

As the announcement says, be very cautions of emails that are apparently from CoinTerra.


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