butterfly-labsYou, and many others (including me) may be wondering where your ButterFly Lab's Monarch's are.  If you anything like me you paid \$4,680.00 plus shipping six months ago and have yet to see a single hash!

In these six months the price has dropped by more than half to \$2,196, the December/January delivery date's have come and gone, they have even announced new products.  KnC, HashFast and even CoinTerra have started shipping, in some cases they are cheaper and superior miners!

You might be feeling a bit cheesed off at this point (with good reason).

However, there is news.  In a post today on Butterfly Labs forums BFL_Josh has broken cover to announce a comprehensive (and somewhat complex) plan to appease us very patient (and tolerant) customers.  The new plan goes like this (quoted from the forum post with slight editing for formating);-

Because of the delay, we're offering several different forms of compensation that vary based on order pricing and order date:

\$4680 600GH Monarchs

Free performance upgrades.

All customers who ordered 600GH Monarchs prior to the price decrease on November 28, 2013 will be upgraded to the Imperial Monarch product, which is a new, high performance version of the card. The Imperial Monarch will operate at 1 TH/s (+ / - 20%).

Six Month Refund or Double Shipment Guarantee

If you’ve been waiting in queue for six months or more, you qualify for either a full refund in USD, OR double the hardware you ordered. This latter option will come in the form of (a) first shipping you the new Imperial Monarch, giving you an expected 160-175% of your ordered hashrate, and then (b) an additional Standard 600 GH Monarch at the end of the queue, giving you another 100% hashrate boost, totaling an expected 250+% of your ordered hashrate once all products have shipped. (Note: Electing the refund cancels the Imperial Monarch upgrade offer in the first section above.)

50% off Voucher

If your paid order is less than 6 months old but you paid \$4680 for your Monarch, you will instead receive an Imperial Monarch as described above, as well as a 50% off discount on an additional Standard Monarch at the end of the queue.

Full Price 300GH Monarchs

For 300GH Monarch orders, similar but slightly different offers will be extended. Customers will be contacted with specifics via email soon.

Mining By the GigaHash

If your Mining By the GH paid order is more than 6 months old, you will receive 2x the hashrate purchased.

Reduced Price Orders

Individual orders that are less than 6 months old and that paid for the reduced price 600GH or 300GH Monarch will likely not be delayed past the expected delivery date.

Refunds will be issued in 30 to 45 days from the date of request of refund. Refunds will be in USD.

So it seems if you have the dubious luck to have ordered over sit months ago like myself (I ordered and paid on August 28, 2013, some 192 days Or 6 months, 8 days) not only is your 600 GH/s Monarch going to be upgraded to a 1 TH/s Monarch you are going to get yet another 600 GH/s Monarch for your troubles.  That is a total of 1.6 TH/s.

You and I could also get a refund of your \$4,680.00 in some 30 to 45 days (I wont go into how many bitcoins I acutely paid, or how much they are worth now).  I have to admit, I am probably going to continue my wait.


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