Tim_Draper200It was quite possible we may have never found out who won the US Marshal Service  auction for the 30,000 Bitcoin (just under 20 Million USD at today's rate).  It was quite possible that the next time we saw any movement from the address containing the bitcoin (1a8LDh3qtCdMFAgRXzMrdvB8w1EG4h1Xi) it would be on its way to exchanges to be dumped for a fiat currency.

However, this is not the case, well known venture capitalist and bitcoin entrepreneur Timothy C. Draper has come forward and said that he, in partnership with emerging exchange Vaurum snapped up the bitcoin as a as yet undisclosed amount in order to "provide bitcoin liquidity in emerging markets."

Not a lot is known about Vaurum at present apart from that they recently received funding from Boost Venture Capital causing some confusion on Slashdot but their Bitme service is designed to allow the purchase  of large amounts of bitcoin in a secure, trusted environment.  While it has not been said in the press release it seems likely that Bitme will be next port of call for the 30,000 bitcoins.


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