BTCFPGALogoCablepair(Tom) has resurfaced on the BTCFPGA official website and in a total about face has announced "we WILL be shipping bASIC bitcoin mining devices in March 2013".

Things looked very grim for BTCFPGA  just over a week ago when a strange post from Tom about delivery dates was followed by another post about Asian buyers followed yet again by a few posts by BTCFPGA representative Buzzdave saying there was no deal and that he recommended that everyone asks for a refund.

Now it seems after handing out over \$200,000 in refunds BTCFPGA is back on.  Tom writes in his post that "I have some good friends who are original Bitcoin "old money" and they gave us the additional funding we need to finish".

Tom says that the March delivery date is still the target date, and he expects to have 16,000 ASIC chips at that point to distribute between the 8 chip 36 GH/s bASIC and the 16 chip 72 GH/s device.  At 4.5 GH/s per chip it could be another 72 TH/s joining the bitcoin network sometime in march dwarfing Avalon's first shipment of 19.8 TH/s this week.

While Butterfly Labs are still expecting to ship their ASIC devices in early February we do not have any recent information about the numbers of ASIC devices expected to be shipped.


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