BTCFPGA LogoIn what is becoming a running joke of some sort Cablepair(Tom) from BTCFPGA has made another post of the official forums stating that "all that nonsense that was posted on the Bitcointalk forum last night was not me".

In an unusual move by the administrators at BitcoinTalk who usually leave questionable posts in place and just label them as such, the posts over at BitcoinTalk have since been move to the "Trashcan" by Forum Administrator Theymos so you can no longer access them because "cablepair's account is compromised".

I can report that I did read the post and it was very similar to the post that I reported on two days ago made by Cablepair (Tom) on their own official forums.  Unfortunately that post now requires registration and when you register it says "The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.".

Unfortunately I did not keep a copy of either of the posts in question, but I can tell you that they were very similar, down to the news being announced, dates and even amount of ASIC chips being delivered.

Authors Note: I usually try to keep my person opinion out of my articles, and I never want to rely on my memory for facts, but with two separate forum administrators deleting posts I have no choice in this instance.

Update: BTC_repentance from Reddit kept a copy of the official forum post, here it is;-

**Dear Friends, Lovers, and Enemies,

First off. Sorry for the scare. and believe me it was a SCARE - we had to refund over 200k and we were happy to do it because we claimed from day one that we will honor any refurequest until we go into production and we meant it. And As crazy as [censor] as it is to say so , we will sill honor it. We took multiple 20k+ refunds left and right without batting and eye lash because we believe in this project and we know we will be releasing our bASIC Bitcoin mining units sooner than everyone else, especially our good friends BFL.

Love us or hate us, I have some good friends who are original Bitcoin "old money" and they gave us the additional funding we need to finish the chip fab / packaging and take this thing into production. (THANK GOD!)

we WILL be shipping bASIC bitcoin mining devices in March 2013 and I am willing to put my own money against anyone who says otherwise.

The Design is done baby. The chips will be state-side as soon as Chinese New Year is over and for those who could not stomach the wait I don't blame you but I'm sorry to say you lost you place in line my friends.

March may seem a long time away as we all have ASIC blue balls right now, but its really not that far away, and I salute and congratulate all of you who have had the testicular fortitude to stick it out with us because you my friends will receive the ultimate reward. Sure Avalon may get some units out before the Chinese new year but that is sure to be a very limited number. On the other hand our assembly house has an unlimited assembly capacity and as soon as the Chinese new year ends we will have 16,000 freshly fabbed and packaged ASIC chips and we will be assembling those PCB's at FULL CAPACITY !We will be shipping ALL CURRENT ORDERS IN THE MONTH OF MARCH AND WE STILL HAVE ROOM FOR MORE ORDERS SO Get IN WHILE YOU STILL CAN! I stake my personal name and word on that. So hold on tight my friends because its going to be a wild ride in the month of March.

Now Let's Get ready to mine some serious coins your friend always "cablepair" Tom**

The Bitcointalk announcement was just a copy and paste of that post from Tom's own forum.

As Dave was supposedly in contact with Tom, Dave should have noticed any conflict between the information Tom was giving him and what was being posted on Tom's own forum and Bitcointalk - after all, Dave was in Bitcointalk promoting his planned managed hosting service during this period.
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