Review: Spondoolies-Tech SP10 Dawson (Part Two)

In the previous part of this review I discussed how I ended up receiving my Spondoolies-Tech SP10 Dawson.  This time around I am going to go a deeper into the Operating System that runs Spondoolies-Tech miners. The SP10 Dawson comes with

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Review: Spondoolies-Tech SP10 Dawson (Part One)

About a month ago I received a pleasant email from a gentleman named Stas, he complimented me on MinePeon and asked me if I would have any issue if he included all or parts MinePeon on a new range of miners

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MinePeon for BeagleBone Black Alpha

MinePeon users have been asking for this for a while and I am finally glad to announce, MinePeon has been ported! For now it is just for the BeagleBone Black and while it is very Alpha but it appears very stable.  Plans for

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ButterflyLabs, sweeten the pot for long outstanding orders.

You, and many others (including me) may be wondering where your ButterFly Lab’s Monarch’s are.  If you anything like me you paid $4,680.00 plus shipping six months ago and have yet to see a single hash! In these six months the

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NewstalkZB Radio Interview about the MtGox trading halt

Much to my surprise on my way home yesterday I received a call from NewstalkZB. One of the producers (sorry, I forgot her name in my nervousness) wanted to ask if I would not mind going on air with Larry Williams

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CoinTerra Announce the The GSX I™ – PCIe Bitcoin Mining Card

CoinTerra have been at it again and added a new product to their line up, the “GSX I™ – PCIe Bitcoin Mining Card“. I can already hear people asking, ”Wait a sec, where is my TerraMiner that I ordered last August?”, but

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CoinTerra Hacked

It seems that all is not well at CoinTerra. After last weeks announcement that they were shipping things were looking up for CoinTerra, it seemed that they had managed to squeeze into their revised January 2014 release schedule for their

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CoinTerra start shipping!

Hot on the heels of an announcement from CoinTerra updating their Engineering and Production Status of their bitcoin mining devices it seems that not only are they shipping, but at least one lucky Reddit customer is up and hashing. All is not

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Butterfly Labs Monarch;- Late January to early Febuary

After yesterdays news about CoinTerra getting ready to ship it only seems fair to mention, Butterfly Labs are also about to unleash their latest 28nm 600 GH/s Monarch bitcoin miner. Forum representative BFL_Josh has been keeping a tread open keeping

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CoinTerra TerraMiner IV prototype starts hashing at 1.62TH/s

While only achieving 80% of their performance target, CoinTerra have released photos and a short video of their new ASIC bitcoin miners in action. They not achieved its full 2 TH/s performance yet they seem confidant that the goal will

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