Isn't BTCFPGA dead already?

BTCFPGA Logo Things have moved on with BTCFPGA, going from strange to bizarre there is a new update on the official BTCFPGA website.

Apparently after the infamous Asian Buyers deal fell through leading to a series of strange posts that ended in the total failure of BTCFPGA there are now Canadian Buyers according to a wall of text on the official website pictured to the right and quoted below.

In one huge paragraph, the author has covered may topics, ranging from the simple ""Tom" or "Dave" is no longer affiliated with this company in anyway."  to the informative "My company has been developing custom ASIC and FPGA based solutions for decades we work in the military and telecommunications sectors and can accomplish this task at ease." all the way to inflammatory statements like "BEWARE OF BFL. ITS ALL LIES".

I will leave you to make up your own mind.

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BTCFPGA says it was never on again

BTCFPGA LogoIn what is becoming a running joke of some sort Cablepair(Tom) from BTCFPGA has made another post of the official forums stating that "all that nonsense that was posted on the Bitcointalk forum last night was not me".

In an unusual move by the administrators at BitcoinTalk who usually ...

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