800 Giga Hash per second user just started mining at BTCGuild

BTCGuildThere has been no official confirmation on who it is yet, but if you head over to BTCGuild and check on their Hall Of Fame page you will see a user, called 67117 that is mining at a ground breaking 800 to 900 GH/s (or 800,000,000,000 to 900,000,000,000 Hash’s per second, or .8 to .9 TH/s if you prefer).

This represents nearly one fifth of BTCGuild current hashing capacity and nearly one twentieth of the total capacity of the bitcoin network

There is a lot of speculation by the community on BitcoinTalk in the ASICMiner thread that the rack ASIC bitcoin mining devices that we saw pictures of earlier this week have finally found their way onto the network, but as I say, no confirmation yet.

It does seem though, the time of bitcoin ASIC has finally arrived, even though it is only for a few Avalon ASIC owners and whoever this user 67117 is.

It is probably summed up by BTCGuild operator Eleuthria who earlier said in a discussion on #btcguild;-

. now we have a single user with 800gh? 0_0
<Eleuthria> Yes.
<Eleuthria> Welcome to the future.Eleuthria

UPDATE: By the way, whoever user 67117 is they will be generating about 122.83 bitcoins a day at the rate of 800 GH/s, or $3,000 US Dollars at today’s rates.

UPDATE2: It is indeed ASICMiner.

Neil Fincham, the MineForeman has over 20 years experience in the computer industry and runs the MineForeman mining operation for the co-op members. He is also very dyslexic, so he appreciates anyone pointing out spelling errors.

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7 comments on “800 Giga Hash per second user just started mining at BTCGuild
  1. 4bit says:

    800 GH… That’s way over 9000! :))

  2. no.thank.you says:

    over 1T/hash now…. up up and away!

  3. biggigg says:

    still i am wondering , if mining could be so controllable, again it will present with same kind of problem like actual money? will not it?

  4. Sam says:

    That person is up to 1,468.67 GH/s at the moment according to the hall of fame link…

  5. papst says:

    The big question (for me) is: which company is behind this user? For me it is clear that no private person could add permanently hashing power with this speed. The market and the availability of asics is to small that just one person could buy that much devices. So in my opinion user 67117 is Avalon because they claim they have produced and shipped ASICs but nearly nobody has one. They starting to make money with devices which belong to users all over the world. If I were a AVALON buyer I would be very pissed!
    I don’t have their exact shipping day in mind but its about 2 weeks, is it? And where are they? What says Avalon to that question: delivery time for international shipping and customs delay… Yeah I would believe it when the fabrics where on the moon because no buyer lives in the same “country”.
    Actual hashing rate of our darling: 2.2TH/s so its about 32Avalon ASICS eating each 400W = 12800W my power supply here in Germany couldn’t handle it, does yours?

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