Update: A new group buy has opened here.

Fantastic news, due to changes of the rules of ASICMiner Group Buy's we no longer need to reach 300 in order to buy the devices, we only need 50!

That means we have reached the minimum order and I am preparing to close the group buy.  I will not close it immediately to be fair to the people who are in the process of securing bitcoins for their purchase.  On the other hand I need to close it as soon as possible to be fair to the people that have already paid and have been waiting,

To that end, I will be closing at Midnight on Wednesday the 29th of May 2013.

That means all of you that have been waiting to see if this group buy will succeed before sending your bitcoin still have time to get in on the group buy go going to;-


Thanks to all that have put in orders already and have supported us, there is not long to go now.


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