Kanoi from the cgminer crew posts photos of his Butterfly Labs visit

butterfly-labsEven though they may be last to ship in the ASIC race, Butterfly Labs is certainly geared up to start production.

As you may be aware cgminer developer Kanoi is currently on an expenses paid trip to the offices of Butterfly Labs, Kansas City in the United States.  While there he is meant to be working on cgminer support for the new BitForce SC ASIC miners that are due to ship any day now once the chips get back from the bumping facility (it is when they literally put a bump of solder on the chip packaging in order to attach it to a Printed Circuit Board).

In a post on BitcoinTalk cgminer lead developer ckolivas made a post showing off some of Kanoi’s photos of the inside of Butterfly Labs production facility, you can see the photo’s here;- .

I asked ckolivas and apparently Kanoi does not mind them being reposted so here are a few that I am sure everyone has been waiting for.

First the Pick And Place Machine


Next the Flow Machiene


The Obligatory Boxes of Fans


And finally what looks like Final Assembly


With both Avalon and ASICMiner currently starting to deploy or ship their ASIC bitcoin miners Butterfly Labs have catching up to do, but the certainly seem to be prepared.


Neil Fincham, the MineForeman has over 20 years experience in the computer industry and runs the MineForeman mining operation for the co-op members. He is also very dyslexic, so he appreciates anyone pointing out spelling errors.

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4 comments on “Kanoi from the cgminer crew posts photos of his Butterfly Labs visit
  1. dirtyb says:

    This [cencor] house for 18 000 others ? :))))))))))

  2. [cencored]yeah says:


    I reckon everyone (incl jeff) is in on a scam except asic miner ATM.. BFL looks like they might have more goods than Avalon now tho, 3 machines in the wild is offset by evidence of at least mass-produced cases

  3. BillJ says:

    No finished board test fixtures? Not an o’scope to be seen. Is the cost of a troubleshooting electronics tech more than just trashing boards that don’t just up and run? I’d like to be collecting their trash.

  4. BillJ says:

    Are they going to have a reasonable burn-in or will the infant mortality rate be determined by customers?

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