Reddit Logo3 months ago, around the time that Wordpress added bitcoin support  Reddit CEO Yishan Wong revealed that they are considering Bitcoin as a payment method.  Yishan even started a thread in /r/bitcoin to gauge interest.

Months have passed since then and apart from the redditor built Reddit Bitcoin Bot there has been no further news, but today that changes.

In a post to /r/bitcoin Yishan has announced that you will now be able to buy your Reddit Gold with bitcoin.

Yishan does warn though;-

Next, I do want to set some expectations: despite its considerable potential, Bitcoin is still very new, experimental, and no one really knows what will happen with it and what people will do with it. It is this way with all new technologies. This means that there is the possibility that unexpected or bad things happen, and we may have to modify or suspend our implementation of Bitcoin support if that happens. We think that adding Bitcoin support is very worthwhile, but having worked in the online payments industry for awhile for a player (PayPal) which in its early years hoped greatly to reform and revolutionize the global money system, I know that things can be complicated and not always turn out the way you intend them. I hope things go well, and so I ask the Bitcoin supporters here to help us make that happen. I believe that adding Bitcoin support to reddit will help it gain a fair bit of press, and spark more widespread discussion and understanding about it.Reddit CEO Yishan Wong

So it seems that if you want to keep bitcoin support in Reddit, you better use it.


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