FriedcatASICMiner representative Friedcat announced on BitcoinTalk that the first dividend from their monster ASIC bitcoin mining farm has been paid.

In the post (quoted at the end for posterity) Friedcat says that the total dividend for this, the first week of operation is 3860.41091438 BTC, or approximately \$131,253 US Dollars at today's rate.

BitcoinTalk forum staff member DiabloD3 goes on to confirm in a post that the dividend has been paid saying;-

I can confirm 32.279 BTC on 1371 sharesDiabloD3

DiabloD3's post also confirms that there are just over 163,964 shares in the ASICIMiner mining operation and that the dividend per share was approximately 0.02354413 bitcoins.

This is not Friedcat's regular Thursday update so more is to follow.


First week's dividends paid. Total sum 3860.41091438. This is all mining revenue minus the paid urgent debts and reserves.

I cannot hold myself from some sleep. We will explain the status of our project, how we are going to improve the deploying speed for the second batch, and give a public brief financial information after that. If I could get up before Feb 28. 11:59:59 PM forum time it will still be a Thursday update.Friedcat - bitcointalk


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