Since PrimeAsic first announced that they were in possession of 80 GH/s ready to ship and for sale at € 1,249.00 back on March the 4th the bitcoin community has treated them with a great deal of scepticism.

In the official announcement thread on BitcoinTalk by Jr. Member and forum donator PrimeAsic the thread has been full of user investigations in order to attempt to verify, one way or another the validity of PrimeAsic's claims.  Some users went as far to travel to Hungary to the supposed offices of PrimeAsic in the attempt to meet the owners, and possibly even see the 80 GH/s miners in operation.

I myself even mounted an investigation from New Zealand to see if I could shed some light on the matter.  Unfortunately try as I might I could not gather any evidence either way.

Today though, BitcoinTalk newbie Kayel has reported back withnews in a post that we have may have suspected, but none have been able to confirm, in his post he reports "I can confirm for all, it is a 100% complete scam".

Kayel, it should be noted is a newbie and not normally able to post in the "Custom hardware" section of BitcoinTalk must have received permission from the forum moderators goes on to say "Of course I did consider this could be a scam prior to my order, but I took a gamble".

In a way Kayel (who I suspect is an established BitcoinTalk member posting under a pseudonym to avoid embarrassment) has done all bitcoin members a favour going the extra mile to uncover PrimeAsic's claims.

I have included Kayel's full post below for reference.

Well, I have been procrastinating this post because I was slightly embarrassed to admit I did place a order early on in this ruse.

Someone from the Gmail "[email protected]" account acknowledged receipt of my order, and stated I would be receiving a shipping confirmation on Monday May 11 2013.  Of course, no email was received.  A few days later I sent a inquiry and of course I did not get a response.  Nothing has been heard since.   Of course I did consider this could be a scam prior to my order, but I took a gamble.

I can confirm for all, it is a 100% complete scam.  Everyone who did the previous due diligence was correct; there are no ASIC's here.

Oh well, a fool and his precious btc were parted.  Thank you community for all your skepticism. Feel free to point and laugh at me now. SmileyKayel - BitcoinTalk


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