BCLogoIt has only been six months since Target Customers had their credit card details sold on rescator[dot]so and today we have news of another Credit Card breach at P.F. Chang’s with users details once again up for sale on the nefarious website.

While it cannot be denied bitcoin is still in it's infancy, this is one of the (very many) problems that it aims to solve.  It is becoming evident that Credit Card technology is very dated and is fundamentally flawed in our online aware civilization, in this case the magnetic strips are up for sale after P.F. Chang's systems were compromised but in reality all that is needed is a very low tech pen and paper to "hack" your credit card.

If you wanted to use a bit of technology a Photocopier will get the job done.

In my opinion Bitcoin is nearly ready, in the five years since it's inception all of the "component bit's" have been put together.  We now have Hardware Wallets, payment processors are now ready and eager (even PayPal is looking into it).  Bitcoin ATM machines are popping up all over the map.  Point Of Sale (POS) machines are availible.

The Bitcoin Network is now secured by a tremendous amount of hashpower, greater than any supercomputer! And it is growing every day.

The last component, the fundamental component behind bitcoin, the consensus and the will of the people is all that seems to be needed.


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