Another ASIC manufacturer enters the bitcoin mining device market.

UPDATE: Please read this article.

AUTHORS NOTE: Please read the comments at the end, as of yet no one in the bitcoin community has been able to verify PrimeAsic’s devices.

AUTHORS WARNING: It has now been in excess of a week since the PrimeAsic announcement and despite repeated attempts to contract them by myself and other members of the bitcoin community we have yet to receive any sort of correspondence apart from their bank account details.  At present I would advise EXTREME CAUTION in dealing with PrimeAsic and would like to invite them to contact me directly (my contact page has all my details) if they would like to arrange an independent verification of their claims.

If it is proved to be true another manufacturer has entered the ASIC bitcoin mining device arena.  According to a post made today on BitcoinTalk by a forum member called PrimeAsic they have just become another device supplier and they already have their devices built and in stock.

The post (quoted below) does not include the cost of the new devices (see the update at the end) but according to PrimeAsic the units will be capable of 80 GH/s each and they are currently using them to mine at Ozcoin.  That possibly explains the high hash user that appeared a few weeks ago.

Hello Everyone!

I’m posting to announce our ASIC product, PrimeAsic which does up to 80Ghash/s using a little over 800W power.

We are a Hungary based company, started developing this project in 2012 June, finished it without ANY pre-order money at all.
Now the units are ready to ship, or to be picked up locally.

Our webpage is currently being developed as I post here, please give us a day so it will be fully finished.
Domains owned by us:,,,
All other names are not owned by us, and are possible scam attempts to misuse our name.

I will constantly post with pictures of the miner equipment, specifications, prices, company details and if requested the registration certificate, phone number, address for local pickup and I will try to respond to every questions you may have.

And at last, here is a proof of it mining:

You can go to pool, check the user top 20 and see us there:)
Mining will be stopped after our page comes live.

Stay tuned for more info!primeasic

While they have no website or logo yet they have provided us with a few screen shots contained below of the miner in operation at Ozcoin.

PrimeASIC is from Hungry making this the first European ASIC hardware manufacturer and they apparently managed to do all of their development without taking a single pre order.

UPDATE: Their web site says that the devices will be selling for €1249.

UPDATE2: I have been having trouble contacting PrimeAsic but will continue trying.  Several other people have also told me that they are having no luck.

Neil Fincham, the MineForeman has over 20 years experience in the computer industry and runs the MineForeman mining operation for the co-op members. He is also very dyslexic, so he appreciates anyone pointing out spelling errors.

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17 comments on “Another ASIC manufacturer enters the bitcoin mining device market.
    • Tim Ankins Jr. says:

      There was skeptism about the above mentioned website during its first 2 days of showing up. Several us placed orders, and asked 100’s of questions. A lot of people are already posting their tracking number confirmation. It really looks like a lot of these new business’s who starting to sell ASIC Products are going to be catching a lot of hell from the BTC community who are supporting the larger company’s. We will never get any good affordable ASIC miners unless these small business’s continue having the courage to step up and make their own for sale. Since I had good luck with the ordering of the Lightning Miner from that website, I will go ahead and give PrimeASIC a try too. My hat is off to these business’s for getting us these products instead of holding our money hostage like BFL did.

      • Jason Pitts says:

        Can you point me to where people are posting their tracking number confirmations? I haven’t been able to find anything positive about the above “company” If there were some proof or anything positive mentioned, I would be willing to buy as many units as they were prepared to ship to me, but right now it just smells bad.

  1. Adam says:

    Hi Tim, has your lightning miner arrived yet?
    Would love to hear about it.

  2. Captain_Howdy says:

    primeasic looks like a scam
    lightning miner 4.0 also looks like a scam

    I almost fell for it. If anyone can prove they’re legit, I’ll buy some right now.

  3. Tim Clemens says:

    Why would anyone care if you believed it or not, or want to take the time to prove it to you so you can buy and increase the difficulty?

    • Captain_Howdy says:

      There’s a limited quantity of asic miners on the market, they will all sell out at the moment. It doesn’t matter if it’s me or someone else buying it, the difficulty will raise the same amount.

      From what I and several people have seen it looks like a scam, so I’m being helpful.

      Regardless of one’s ability to actually purchase an item, there are people out there who enjoy researching the validity of suspicious claims.

      If this wasn’t an attempt to troll, hopefully it answered your question.

  4. Gabor Lukacs says:

    primeAsic is a scam! It pretends to be “HRP Hungary Kft.” (see, but HRP Hungary ( just confirmed by email that they have nothing to do with this website or the product.

    • Istvan says:

      Indeed, I called HRP Hungary yesterday, because I speak the language and they don’t have any idea about the PrimeAsic device. They also started an investigation about the misuse of their name. The mobile phone number specified on the website is a Hungarian T-Mobile number, which also doesn’t belong to HRP Hungary and above all, it’s disconnected. I advice caution with this company! Have a great weekend all.

  5. Little Guy says:

    Your initial story, while perhaps trying to stay “Fair and Balanced”, isn’t actually so. A good journalist will (should!!) do an extreme amount of due diligence and research to determine if the story they are reporting is factual. By posting the story of PrimeAsic, you are granting these individuals through your respected website a benefit of doubt they are actually credible. Credible meaning, they are a new manufacturer shipping product out of Hungary as of today March 8th, 2013. According to their website, units are ACTUALLY shipping. Yet not one person in any other source has reported receiving a shipping confirmation, or tracking number from this “new” manufacturer. Believe me, I wanted to believe it was true. I wanted to believe there was a new competitor to BFL and Avalon. Sadly, this does not seem the case. It’s just yet another example of the rampant scams and lies in the Bitcoin community. And yes, this does tarnish the good work of ALL who contribute and promote Bitcoin to non-technical people. Perhaps its time to call out the Scammers, and start legal action whenever possible. Just like we would against any normal company who blatantly deceives their customers. This isn’t simply “buyer beware”. It’s actually stealing through misrepresentation.

    • MineForeman says:

      Unfortunately I can only report the facts that I have at any time and if things later turn out to be untrue I can then report about that.

      I certainly try to find out as much as I can about a story before I publish. I do not however have a crystal ball that will let me know beforehand any particular story is going to turn out.

  6. Steve Joseph says:

    Has anyone actually received a Tracking Number for their Lightning Miner order?

    No guarantees that this is the actual guy/place or they are actually making anything related, but through some research, it seems that this is there “warehouse” in Akron, Ohio:

    John Barry Company
    879 Moe Dr Ste 18
    Akron, OH 44310

  7. Neal Hanania Cogan says:

    My recent post in Bitcointalk:
    I sent a message to primeasic almost a week ago, having just read about it in Mineforeman, Neil Fincham’s site. In addition, I’ve tried mumerous times to reach the published phone number. Unfortunaley, nobody replied in neither of the cases.
    Being a true believer in the good nature of people and giving people the benefit of the doubt (= sucker? 😉
    I really wanted to believe this was not a hoax of some sort. My friends and I even considered traveling to Hungary to pick up the miner!
    After reading all of the posts about it and adding my personal exprience my conclusion is that this is not a scam of the financial kind, but rather someone trying to drive the Bitcoin community crazy. It seems to me that person / persons have succeeded big time!
    if “they” wanted to gain financial profit out of this scam, they would build a professional website, pick up the phone, answer their emails and start collecting.

    • MineForeman says:

      I too am having a lot of problems verifying these guys claims and their bitcoin miner, I cannot get them on the phone or get responses to my emails.

      I am getting ready to write a follow up post, I just wish I could get some shred of proof as to whether it is a scam or not, perhaps someone in Hungry could help me out.

      • Istvan says:

        Istvan says:
        March 9, 2013 at 10:27 pm
        Indeed, I called HRP Hungary yesterday, because I speak the language and they don’t have any idea about the PrimeAsic device. They also started an investigation about the misuse of their name. The mobile phone number specified on the website is a Hungarian T-Mobile number, which also doesn’t belong to HRP Hungary and above all, it’s disconnected. I advice caution with this company! Have a great weekend all.

        Neil: these guys are trying to get some money, even one order is enough in these countries for them to live for two months. Believe me. HRP Hungary has no idea about them, the number is disconnected and all i get from them in e-mail (answer to my 3-4 questions) is “just order from the website”! No possibility to pick it up locally, no possibility to pay via PayPal (i guess paypal doesn’t let you pick up the money if you’re a scammer and have a ‘dispute’ on some case. So, all you can do is willingly send them money via bankwire and wait for them to laugh at you and vanish with the money (instead of sending a “device”). Who can afford making ASIC bitcoin mining devices on stock, without a proper discussion on the project, on the internet?? And more important, why would you sell them for 1249 euros if you can make more than 6000 euros with them if you plug them in????? Remember, they are stating that this ACTUALLY IS around 80 GHash devices. They make a fortune in times like this, when people are buying bitcoin and it’s price is more than 42 USD.

        This is a SCAM!!! Please report THIS too, if you did reported the “new asic manufacturer”. Thanks

  8. Why will you people not learn? ASCI miners to produce.. IS A LOGIC FAIL!

    They are a goose that lays golden eggs that some unknown company will only sell in exchange for golden eggs..

    WHY would any company IN THEIR RIGHT MIND sell a device for $1500 when when if they existed, when the device would repay that amount in no time?

    Yes.. build a device that turns electricity into money.. Why sell it.. why bother with customers, why bother with shipping, why bother..


    Greed is making you all delusional and foolish.

  9. Steve Joseph says:

    What about MultiVerse computers?

    It seems as if after Wednesday, they have disappeared…

    Has anyone heard from them since?

    Any emails?

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