FriedcatASICMiner is continuing to set records on the BTC Guild Hall of Fame as they now reach 4,569.28 GH/s or 4.5 TH/s.

At the current difficulty ASICMiner should now be netting approximately 620 bitcoin a day, or \$18,600 USD.  If you look at it as a monthly figure it is just over half a million US Dollars and their deployment is only one-third of the way through their proposed 12 TH/s goal.

It is becoming clear that when ASICMiner finally deploys the rest of their ASIC bitcoin mining equipment, reported to be just under 3 times what they have currently deployed they will control approximately 30% of the total bitcoin network with very little resistance from the opposition.

Meanwhile and announcement is expected any day now from Butterfly Labs that their chips have arrived back from the bumping facility allowing them to proceed into production, and there is now at least 3 Avalon ASIC bitcoin devices now mining.

This has left  ASICMiner the clear leader in the ASIC bitcoin mining race.


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