butterfly-labsBFL_Jody the customer service representative from Butterfly Labs has made a blog post asking people who have pre-orders with trade-ins to please start sending their FPGA bitcoin miners back to Butterfly Labs for processing adding "With Josh's return today with chips in hand, I feel comfortable with talking about trade-ins."

Jody has offered a few ways to proceed for people with FPGA trad-ins for their new ASIC devices;-

  • First (and most obvious) send tour FPGA devices back to their new address ( Butterfly Labs, Inc., 10770 El Monte, Suite 101, Leawood, KS 66211)
  • Second, pay a deposit for your old FPGA devices of 20 BTC for a single and 500 BTC for a Mini Rig and keep mining with your FPGA devices until your ASIC devices arrive and only then shipping back your FPGA devices.  On arrival of your FPGA devices Butterfly Labs will refund your deposit.
  • Third, Butterfly Labs will hold back part of your ASIC order until your FPGA devices arrive back at Butterfly Labs.

After many months of waiting and hoping it finally seems that Butterfly Labs is on the final stretch in the race to bring ASIC bitcoin miners to the public and I know a lot of people in the community will be relieved to know that the wait may soon be over, even though Butterfly Labs seem to have come in last.

The full open letter to customers is contained below.

Dear FPGA Upgrade Customer,

We are nearly ready to begin shipping and we want to give you time to arrange your trade-in so you won't lose any time getting into ASIC mining. We are putting forth 3 ways to help you get your miner as quickly as possible.

​1. The first way to satisfy your trade-in is to simply mail the unit back with your Single Upgrade order number for the order or orders you wish your trade-in to apply to. Of course, also include your name and address in the package. Please send back your power supply and cables. If you are an international customer mark your package as "returned goods" or whatever conveys this status. When we receive your unit or units we will mark your order as ready to ship. Mail all miners to Butterfly Labs, Inc., 10770 El Monte, Suite 101, Leawood, KS 66211. We cannot be responsible for miners mailed to our old address.

​2. The second method is to send us a deposit of 20 BTC for each Single Upgrade and 500 BTC for a MiniRig Upgrade. We will hold these BTC until your FPGA's arrive at our facility, thus allowing you to mine with your old units until you receive the new ones. This deposit is not an exchange for dollars. It is a BTC deposit that will be returned whole to you. If you want to pay a deposit email us at [email protected] and we will send you a wallet address so that we can receive your coins. When your FPGA arrives at our facility we will return your coins within 3 business days. You will also mail your FPGA miners to the address given above.

​3. The third way you can make a Single Upgrade ready to ship is to ask us to hold a later shipment as collateral. To do this you tell us what later paid order number you want us to hold until we receive your miner. For example, if you have ordered a Single Upgrade on June 23 and a Little Single on August 5, we will put a HOLD on the August 5 miner until your FPGA is returned for your June 23 order. If we start shipping the August 5 orders and your FPGA still has not been received, the HOLD will not allow u to ship that unit. The HOLD will be released as soon as your FPGA is received. You must email us at [email protected]and tell us on which order number you want the HOLD placed. We will only hold orders for Singles or Little Singles as collateral for a Single Upgrades. A MiniRig order must be placed on hold for a MiniRig Upgrade order to ship. When we receive your FPGA we will lift the HOLD on your order within 3 business days. You will also mail your trade-ins to the address above.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience in this endeavor.

Customer Service
BF Labs, IncJody - Butterfly Labs Customer Service


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