MinePeonLogoI am pleased to announce that after hundreds of hours of testing by hundreds of testers and goodness knows how many hours of my time MinePeon is out of Alpha and has been released as Beta 1, code named "Butterfly Bob".

Feel free to skip my ramblings and ignore the rest of this and just go download it now.

It has now been tested successively with just about every USB miner known to man and more importantly because of Butterfly Labs generous gift of a development unit I am glad to say it is as ASIC ready as I can make it.

I would like to say thanks to the legion of people who have downloaded MinePeon and tested it to destruction, every one of your emails was a valuable resource to me.  I would like to thank Butterfly Labs again for sending me one of their ASIC's for the final stages of testing in my small way of thanking you guys I have named this release after you (sort of).

If your still here, or your just after something to read while your downloading you will notice cosmetically very little has changed in this release.  There is a new 'Settings Page' that allows you to set your WebUI password and your TimeZone and that is about it, what has changed though is that all of the brilliant work by the cgminer and bfgminer crews has been build in with full ASIC support.  I have also included the udev files for Cairnsmore FPGA devices, so they 'may' work.

If you have any problems don't hesitate to contact me directly, I am keeping a list of user contributed HOWTO's over on the wiki and I will update the official page soon.  You also may wish to check the forum threads over at BitcoinTalk or Butterfly Labs.

All there is left for you to do now is download and install it!

If your looking for ASIC's to buy and use with MinePeon there is very little choice at the moment.  You may wish to try Butterfly Labs, they are starting to get into production and I have to say I am happy with the one that I am using for testing.

Alternatively Avalon ASIC also are shipping ASIC units and you may be able to get in on one of their batches, but they come with a full mining controller so while you can use MinePeon with them you don't have to.

The final choice is to get some of ASICMiners Block Eruptor USB 300 MH/s devices, while you cannot get them directly from ASICMiner (unless you buy 300) I have set up a group buy on BitcoinTalk that you can order them for 2.6 bitcoin each (you will be doing me a favor as well).


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