First look: BlueFury USB Bitcoin Mining Device


Being the author of MinePeon the Linux mining appliance for the Raspberry Pi usually involves late nights debugging strange errors submitted by one of it’s thousands of users, compiling software and upgrading packages.  While it is far from a thankless job, every now and then the perks are even better.

A few weeks ago Beastlymac from Big Picture Mining approached me to collaborate on getting support ready for his new BlueFury mining devices built into MinePeon, I of course jumped at the chance.  I quickly produced a few test images of MinePeon using both cgminer and bfgminer that were successfully able to drive the device.

MinePeon, Hub & BlueFury

MinePeon, Hub & BlueFury

Job done I thought, and then Beastlymac offered to send me an early ‘developer version’ so that I could maintain support.  I jumped at the chance.

Today it arrived so I pulled a new Raspberry PI out of its box, wrote the current development version of MinePeon 0.2.4 PR2 to a SD card, plugged it all in and set it going.

Within seconds and the small addition of “BPM:all” to bfgminers start up command it was hashing at a respectable 2440.925 MH/s (2.4 GH/s).  I have yet to get it working with cgminer but it is only a matter of time now.


NOTE: As I said, this is a development version, the full production BlueFury devices expected any day now will look slightly different and have different performance characteristics.

Neil Fincham, the MineForeman has over 20 years experience in the computer industry and runs the MineForeman mining operation for the co-op members. He is also very dyslexic, so he appreciates anyone pointing out spelling errors.

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2 comments on “First look: BlueFury USB Bitcoin Mining Device
  1. DBG says:

    Sounds like on release that it might have 10x the hashing power of ASICMiner’s Block Erupters. I hope you are spreading that Bitcoin love to con/kano + luke jr. (well maybe just con/kano =p). It’s nice to see such popularity of Pi mining (also I think it can be safely said that the USB ports can hold up just fine as long as the power/communication doesn’t exceed specifications). I ended up making my own distro, just because I like Debian more than Arch (officially it doesn’t have a name but with “MinePeon” in mind, I do have it labeled as “MineSerf” =p).

    Maybe I should release it to the public; really looking forward to basically having late November and December off school and work. I think you’d like MineSerf, an optimized version of cgminer is always compiled and replaced on the system on an hourly basis (going based off of new official releases, not GIT commits), plus it already has support for a large number of 1 and 2 row alphanumeric displays as well as small TFT/LCD/etc panels thanks to some surprisingly versatile python libraries/scripts; and that’s just the stuff I made for myself =p. Bleh, almost 9:30am already, I will be glad when I’m back in the states, working on Saturday is the norm around here but my brain refuses to submit x.x

  2. drtek says:

    This is great news! Looking forward to receiving my Blue Furys soon. Thank you very much for implementing support into rock solid Mine Peon.

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