kncminerlogo300x100In their latest news letter KnCMiner has responded to the increasing difficulty and new products being announced by their competitors by dropping the price on their core line of miners.

They have discontinued the Mercury 100 GH/s line of miners all together leaving only the Jupiter 400 GH/s and Saturn 200 GH/s available for purchase.

They go on to say that as promised anyone that has previously ordered any of their miners (Jupiter, Saturn or the discontinued Mercury) now can expect their miners to be shipped no later that October the 15th (a mire 42 days from now) while any new orders for the Jupiter or Saturn will be shipping anywhere from mid-November on wards.

The new pricing of the miners are as follows;-

  • Jupiter 400 GH/s Bitcoin Miner is now \$4,995
  • Saturn 200 GH/s Bitcoin Miner is now \$2,995

That amounts to a \$1,000 price drop, but remember, you will be receiving those units at least a month after KnCMiner has gone into full production of their existing miners.

DISCLAMER: I have an order for one of JNCMiner's Mercury 100 GH/s bitcoin Miners


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