kncminerlogo300x100After yesterdays update that KnCMiner where about to start shipping the official KnCMiner thread on BitcoinTalk burst into life with over 500 post by people speculation about when, where or even if we will see a KnCMiner device.

In a news update, posted at 9:04:00 PM September the 30th (their time) KnCMiner finally gave us a look at their Jupiter 400 GH/s mining device that they say will start shipping today.


In what is probably the most impressive bit of information from the video release they claim that the  400 GH/s mining device actual speed is 576 GH/s, a full  44% faster than the device was promised to achieve.There has been no update on the Mercury 100 GH/s or Saturn 200 GH/s mining devices slated to ship at the same time but I am sure a 44% increase in hashrate will be well received.


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