kncminerlogo300x100KnCMiner fist announced that they will be entering the Bitcoin ASIC marked back on April  the 9th of this year.

Their first line up of miners was an impressive one at the time, ranging from the Mercury 100 GH/s bitcoin miner up to the Jupiter 400 GH/s miner with the Saturn 200 GH/s miner as a middle of the road offering.

Since then, the Mercury 100 GH/s miner has been taken of the market (they still will be delivering ones that have been ordered, just not accepting any new orders) and both the Jupiter and Saturn have had their price cut.

The original plan was to ship some over the early orders of miners in "the end of the September/October" but as of yet there have been no miners shipped but according to their news on their website only 4 days ago;-

The big news is that all the production orders that are due for delivery before October 15th have now been confirmed with the factory for final assembly and our production schedule is now locked.

That all taken into account, according to the KnCMiner Order tracking thread on BitcoinTalk there is a minimum of 72.9 TH/s (probably more) about to join the bitcoin network.

With the Bitcoin Difficulty growing over 90% in the last month only time will tell if any of these new miners will every pay back their investment.

DISCLOSURE: I have a Mercury 100 GH/s on order.


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